Our school provides a dynamic, differentiated and inclusive learning environment where children participate in ample literacy and numeracy experiences and, through authentic play, begin to develop self-awareness, a healthy socio-emotional foundation, curiosity, and a love of learning.


I am Vimenti
I love who I am
I am a lifelong learner
I respect myself and others
Kindness is my swag
I am an innovator who
builds dreams
With effort and dedication.
I know I can succeed

You ask where I come from.
Just guess?
A safe place to call home
Where through excellence I
To be the best leader of

Profile of the graduate

Masters listening, speaking, reading and writing in both English and Spanish. Respects the opinions, values and beliefs of others and practices self-reflection. Ably engages in debate as a tool for helping a group move forward.

Embraces diverse works of literature, visual and performing arts, and music as expressions of creativity, social reflection and the human condition. Comprehends global cultures and explores the accomplishments of societies throughout history. Understands and respects different cultural contexts and perspectives.

Makes ethical choices. Exercises leadership. Consistently participates in meaningful service to others. Advocates social justice. Protects and conserves the environment.

Actively pursues personal growth and develops individual talents and abilities. Exhibits curiosity and creativity. Displays resourcefulness and resiliency. Uses sources appropriately to find information and gain knowledge. Demonstrates mathematical, scientific, and technological expertise. Analyzes, evaluates and synthesizes information. Solves problems effectively and adapts to changing circumstances.

Nurtures both mind and body. Lives a balanced life.

School philosophy

The school’s philosophy is based upon the principle that every child has unique talents, learning styles and interests. It is our responsibility as educators to motivate students to cultivate these interests by allowing them to explore individual interests and challenge them appropriately. We look forward to collaborating with families in creating an educational experience that lays the groundwork for future independent learning and growth.