Important Information for Parents

Academic Calendar 2021

8 Delivery of materials / iPad
11 Beginning of classes
11 & 15 Delivery of Intent Form (pre enrollment)
12, 20 & 27 Open House
15 Delivery of academic process and Teacher Parent Conference
18 Martin Luther King Jr.

12 & 25 Open House
15 President's Day

9 Open House
19 Teacher -Parent conference
29 - 2 (april) Holy Week

1 - 2 Holy Week

31 Memorial Day

11 - 21 E.O.Y. Test
14 - 29 Summer PD
17 Teacher - Parent Conference

Note: This calendar is subject to change due to government regulations, climate emergencies, and/or professional development needs, as determined by the school’s administration.

Vimenti Uniforms

Vimenti uniforms can be purchased by calling our main office at 787-777-1540.

Our office hours are:
Monday - Friday: 7:45 a.m. - 4 p.m.

The Vimenti uniform consists of a blue polo shirt with the Vimenti logo, khaki pants and closed shoes.

Become a Vimenti School volunteer

Vimenti looks forward to welcoming every family and empowering them to become a part of our team to help us make decisions that will have a positive impact in the community. To accomplish these goals, we will have a PTO committee. Parents will also have the opportunity to be engaged in volunteering activities to promote a collaborative environment.  We are committed to developing a culture where everyone has a voice, where we work together to end the poverty cycle, and create leaders within our families.

If you are interested in being a part of our volunteer program or need more information on how to collaborate with our school community, please call 787-777-1540.